plane landed in the shoal. If it falls in the deep sea, this circle is a no man s land for dozens of miles. Her little life is really gone Recalling South knows his fears and suddenly feels a little warm in his heart. In this world, except for his brother and children, Linchuan may only care about her most I didn t lose my temper, and I remembered to talk to him. Would you ask, Master Lin, can I stay in your house for a few more days Her rare seriousness made Linchuan somewhat Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam surprised. You, you have to What are you doing Do you want to tease me again Microsoft Certification Yi Nan screamed and laughed. I didn t expect that my deterrence against you was.quite big However, this lady s quality is very high, and it s really bad to take the liberty to interrupt. Playing Rai Li lived here, wouldn t it be a shrew Lin Chuan also laughed, thinking, you were not a little shrew Well, I welcome Ye Yinan to visit my home, and I hope that Miss Ye will give me a lot of advice Yinan lived on this island. Of course, this is indispensable for Ye Runan s harassment. He is such a sister, grew up in the palm of his hand. Now I am on a remote island, and I am getting along with a man who is not very familiar. Can he be a brother Not very familiar Yi Nan almost laughed Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure when he heard this sentence. I have known Linchuan since I was a ch

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure

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