ne small are facing each other, no one is allowed, the father sitting on the bed is gray, and the eyes are full of wise light, which exudes a breath of superiority Jing Ran looked at the old man sitting on the hospital bed, looked at it for a while, and found that the father did not have anything, Jing was relieved. Bunny scorpion, you are coming over so empty, are you visiting the patient The old man snorted with dissatisfaction. Grandpa, I just came over from the army to take time off. I am not worried about what happened to you ACCP it exam I just got a call from my eldest brother after training. I can t even drink it when I drink it. I am more filial. The scene is calm and calm, and the thick bullets are not worn. Hey, if you are filial, you won t be taking the exam for the military school. He Aruba Certification said, the old man said to Jingfeng, who stood next to him Jingfeng, I am thirsty, you go and give me a glass of water. Come. Jing Feng looked at the old man and glanced at him Hey, this little rabbit scorpion dare to be so lawless, that is what the father used to, from small to large, the father is most used to the scene. Jingfeng poured two glasses of water, one big and one small, one cup for one person. Jing Ran took the water, and the hippie smiled and s.aid Hey, thank you big brother, ACCP I will come on

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ACCP-V6.2 Aruba Certified Clearpass Professional v6.2 Aruba ACCP

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