side the caf , a little woman looks at a man and a woman sitting in the position across the glass. As Huawei Certification for a dealer who did not pay attention to her, she worked so hard, she actually had a bear and wanted to pick a corn cob halfway, what joke She kept HCNA-CC it for so long, and it s hard to look at it. Someone dig her corner Leaning against the corner of the wall, I took out my mobile phone from the bag and dialed a man s phone. In the coffee shop, Yan Xu is trying to stand up and leave here. Suddenly, the ringing of the HCNA-CC it exam mobile phone interrupts the action of the sneak peek. Picking up the phone and seeing the girl s call, the lips can t help but sneak a smile. Hey, Uncle Uncle, where are you now The little girl s soft and soft voice came out of the phone, listening to the voice of the little girl, and there was a touch of love that she had never noticed. Outside. Yan said briefly back. What are you doing outside Drink coffee. I, one, man, Cool eyes stared at the man s side face in the coffee shop, asking for a word. When I heard the cool words, I looked at the opposite Dai Kechang s face reflexively, and suddenly there was a little bit of di

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
HC-821-CHS Huawei Certified Network Associate - Contact Center (HCNA-CC)-CHS Huawei HCNA-CC

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