ay from you, saying that you and her are in the same place. His face sank and sank, and his body exudes a gloomy breath. Zeng Chuan looked at Yang Han s look. He sneaked back two steps and said What the hell is going on I still want to ask you, in the end. What s the matter, you don t like ginger cool, how come suddenly and Huang Chunmei s woman is on, the woman grows stronger than me, you too do not pick it, the feeling is a woman on the line Zeng Chuan I think that Huang Chunmei.is stronger than herself. Physique, I could not help but shudder. I can t imagine how Yang Han would stand with Huang Chunmei. Yang Han heard this and thought about the thing that Yang Xiaoyu came to his house in the morning. He understood what he had in a moment. He clearly refused it. He also involved the matter in the cool body. dotMobi Certification The broom in the hands of Yang Han was thrown dotMobi Certifications it exam and dropped on the ground. sound. Stepping out of the yard, leaving Zeng Chuan looked at Yang Han s back with a stern look. Just gone Where is he going When I came to the place where Zhiqing lived, Yang Han knocked on the door. After a while, someone came to open the door. Xiang Shufang looked at the man standing outside the door. The first time I looked at the dotMobi Certifications man seriously, it was tall and tall, not like ginger. Rui is so white, the man named Yang Han looks a bit rude, and feels that they are not a type of person. Lips, to the book Fang courage to look at Yang Han, said What are you doing I look for ginger

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