ong thought that he helped Hao Xichen to expose Hao Xiran and Huang Anning this time. Hao Xichen would remember his goodness and not account for it. The previous thing But I did not expect that he was such an attitude For me Hao Jianzhong, you are really confused Hao Xichen chuckled. Why are you doing this in your own way, and you know clearly Software Certifications Certification For your own benefit, you can take home the woman who is pregnant with other children, and you will personally How noble can their mot.her and son be sent to prison You Dad, I am grateful to you for this matter, but you better not have other thoughts, otherwise, you will know the consequences Hao Xichen will The cell phone was thrown at the desk, and the boss chair turned around and faced the floor to ceiling window. He licked his aching temple, and his heart was irritated Years of grievances have finally Testing it exam been cleared, the bad guys get the punishment they deserve, he should be happy, but I don t know why, he is not happy at all Hao Xichen has sent the report of the case to Su Keer, but there is no response at all Is she still unwilling to forgive herself Still, she really likes the man named Yang A gentle and goldy man, which woman doesn t like it To be honest, Yang Ming is no worse than Hao Xichen Now that the water tower is getting the first month, it is very likely that something will happen The more I thought about him, the more I was annoyed, and finally I picked up my mobile phone Testing and

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