and walked toward the door. Jingbo struggled, but he did not dare to let the cool look that he was drunk and could only let Xuancheng Dragging her away. Xuancheng walked away and did not forget to speak to the cool road I will come back later. Looking at the.backs of the two people leaving, cool and silently wax. Innocently said two big brothers, a little bit Chapter 154 Mentor, calm 9 Downstairs, Xuancheng and Jingbo are on the side of each station, so they look at each other. Looking at the opposite man, Xuancheng is very upset, obviously already a female friend, how come there are men to come to the door, especially this man is so familiar with the road to find it, obviously not SpringSource Certification Program the first time. I SpringSource Certification was still in front of him in the face of cool confession, is this when I am dead Mr. Jing, you are an entertainer. You SpringSource Certification Program it exam must know that your words and deeds may be taken by the paparazzi. You are so late to find a cool, afraid that it will cause trouble for her. Artists should exercise their acting skills, don t I want to take shortcuts all the time, and let others go up. Xuancheng spoke unceremoniously. When Jing Bo heard Xuancheng s words, he laughed and laughed. Junyi s face showed a look of disdain Mr. Xuan is not the same. Even if you are not a fan of ent.ertainment, it s a public figure. I think the paparazzi should like it. Your anecdote, so if you come to Mengdao, wouldn t it cause trouble for her

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
CORESPRINGV3.0 Core Spring 3.0 Certification SpringSource SpringSource Certification Program
CORESPRINGV3.2 Core-Spring (based on Spring 3.2) SpringSource SpringSource Certification Program
RICHWEB3.0 Rich Web/Spring Web certification (based on Spring 3.0) SpringSource SpringSource Certification Program
SFC2.5 Core Spring 2.5 Certification SpringSource SpringSource Certification Program
SPRINGEIWSCERTV1.0 Enterprise Integration with Spring 1.0 Certification SpringSource SpringSource Certification Program
SPRINGWEB Spring Web certification (based on Spring 3.1 or Spring 3.2) SpringSource SpringSource Certification Program

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