up, Cheng Yu will imprison people. In fact.Cheng Yu had no love for the original owner, but it was just a game of boring. To the cool, never know, you still have the ability. Cheng Yu s indifferent eyes flashed a deep meaning, the first time seriously looked at the woman in front of him. In the memory of Cheng Yu, the coolness is a girl. If you want to say something special, it is to cool the cool girl must be particularly beautiful, is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, with a delicate body The little feminine taste has always been obedient. The first resistance is to break Simens it exam up with him. It seems that this woman is quite interesting Simens now. Perceived that the woman grabbed her hand, Cheng Yu did not have any pity for the jade, and kicked her foot toward her calf. Cool and simply jump, legs up, the body close to the man in front, and then the whole person is on the man s body. Like the vine wrapped tree, the coolness clearly felt his body stiff. To cool, you go down. Okay said cool, and took two steps back. Not yet standing firm, he found th.at Simens Certification the man once again reached out to himself and seemed to want to catch her bed, the man was tied into a scorpion, gloomy face looked at the woman sitting next to him. Sitting in a chair in the cool, I noticed the sight of Cheng Yu, and turned and smiled. To cool, you better not fall into my hands. Staring at her wi

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
STI-803 SOCA Service OpenScape Voice Simens SOCA
STI-804 SOCA Service OpenScape Office MX Simens SOCA
STI-805 SOCA Consultant - OpenScape Voice & UC Application Simens SOCA
STI-882 SOCA Sales LAB Simens SOCA
STI-884 SOCA Sales Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) Simens SOCA
STI-889 SOCA IT Networks & Security Simens SOCA
STI-101 Open & Converged Networks Service HiPath 3000 with SoP Simens SOCP
STI-104 SOCP Service OpenScape Office Simens SOCP
STI-303 SOCP Service OpenScape Voice Simens SOCP
STI-304 SOCP Service OpenScape UC Application Simens SOCP
STI-308 SOCP Consultant OpenScape Voice Simens SOCP
STI-400 Service Open & Converged Networks HiPath 4000 Simens SOCP
STI-800 SOCA Service - HiPath 3000 Simens SOCP
STI-801 SOCA Service - HiPath 4000 Simens SOCP

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