lips of the sexy lips are covered with a slight smile, and the computer is stretched out. The coolness saw the movement SUN Certified Professional of Rong Yu, the corner of his mouth was slightly raised, and a smile was flashed in his eyes. However, before the cool opening, the man leaned over and took her up. Now a little busy, let s go out in.the afternoon. The man s burning gaze fell on the woman s face and continued to say In addition, SUN Certification at any time, you are the most important thing in my heart. Cool wrong, not Should go out, how come back to the room The man s footsteps walked toward the room, and as he closed the door, the moment the room faintly came the woman s soft sobs Chapter 482 1 Come and come, everyone is not drunk tonight, and finally get rid of SUN Certified Professional it exam the clutches of the extermination teacher. We can celebrate and celebrate today. That is, I don t know who is so open and even invited. The extermination teacher took part in the company s party. Fortunately, she didn t come today. If it came, everyone couldn t pl

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310-067 Oracle Internal Exam SUN SUN Certified Professional

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