coolness, reached out, and wiped the traces of water stained on the cool lips with his fingertips. Lifting his eyes and glaring at Jiang Li, his eyes were disturbed by the unpleasant color. What is your relationship with coolness Jiang Li was a little scared by Lu Qingying s sight. Do not look at it, do you not know Lu Qingqi said, his voice was low and slightly hoarse. Jiang Li did not say anything. When he opened Simens Certification the door directly, he SOCA reached out and pulled the cool out. Then he blocked himself in front of the cool body and met Lu Qing s sharp vision. Cool, you didn t hear me talking Jiang Li saw the coolness in the sky, pushed her shoulders and opened her SOCA it exam mouth. Oh Lu Qingqi chuckled, his eyes fell on the woman behind Jiang Li, seeing that the woman not only did not have the intention to speak for him, but a small face filled with a smile, a small gloating scene, spe.cial tricks People are rare. You live in a cool home, my heart is not very comfortable, if you can, please go home early, after all, my girlfriend lives with other men, even if you know that you are you know. Jiang Li face A change, my heart is roaring I don t understand, I don t understand anything. He only knows that his buddy party was deceived by Lu Qingqi, a hypocrite I didn t care about Lu Qingwei, Jiang Li took the cool and left. Lu Qing s eyes fell on the h

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
STI-803 SOCA Service OpenScape Voice Simens SOCA
STI-804 SOCA Service OpenScape Office MX Simens SOCA
STI-805 SOCA Consultant - OpenScape Voice & UC Application Simens SOCA
STI-882 SOCA Sales LAB Simens SOCA
STI-884 SOCA Sales Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) Simens SOCA
STI-889 SOCA IT Networks & Security Simens SOCA

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