of vitality. Fu Shuzhen This picture, cough The moment the atmosphere is a bit awkward. Chapter 328 Enemy of the enemy is a friend 13 The ringtone of the mobile phone is still ringing, accompanied by a vibrating sound. Until the door slammed shut, the coolness came back to God, and suddenly remembered the sin of Fu Shuzhen, and instantly laughed. So, in the end, where did he let him react However, the men and women in the living room were stunned, and the atmosphere was slightly subtle. Fu Shuzhen first came back to God, stepping back and thoughtfully reaching out to take the phone and stuff it into the cool, tender hands. Cough Cleared the scorpion, Fu Shuzhen said with a deep SCSAS voice You answer the phone, SUN Certification I will g.o back first. Oh. Cool look and eagerly watching the man step away. Looking at the dress on my body, it was good. The wrapped place was wrapped, and I showed a pair of legs and a face. The phone was connected and the voice of Zhang Wei was heard from the other end. Hey, cool, you haven t got home. Come, Zhang Jie, what s wrong C SCSAS it exam

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-105 Sun Certified Solaris Associate SUN SCSAS

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