e. The cartilage tissue is frustrated, and the possibility of recovery is not great. In other words, in this life, he SUN Certification may be a waste person. Thinking of this, Lu Hao couldn t control a wave of his hand and swept all the items on the desk to the ground, making a sound. Outside the door, Jiang Qian heard the sound, and his footsteps paused, and he continued to move back to the room. The next day, Lu Hao blackened his face and went out. Just SCNA entering the office, the company s manager came over. The manager put a plan on Lu s desk and said General Lu, this plan has not been used. Lu Hao frowned, looking manager. What does Wu manager mean, is this case robbed again Yes, that new company, I have sent someone to investigate, and I can t find out who is behind the compa.ny. Not very good, after all, this month has been robbed of the plan by the new company that suddenly popped up. It s so obvious, if it s not offending people, people deliberately whole company, there is no other possibility, otherwise, there are so many companies in the city, and the company s planning SCNA it exam case is not good, but they are pointing to the company of Lushi. This is not revenge, what is it. Lu Hao obviously also thought of it, but recently he did not remember who offended him. He barely counted off the woman who was off the cool, but Guan Liangliang did not have this means to set up a company so soon to do it against him. Even if you rely on Fu Shuzhen, if the company is a subsidiary of Fu Shuzhen

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-302 Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 10 OS SUN SCNA

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