ng did not come. Several people in the secretarial room looked at Xuan Zi from time to time. The sight made Xuan Zi hate it. Low down SUN Certification SCNA9 his head, Xuan Zi eyes flashed a touch of color. When the afternoon time came off work, Xue Yan walked out of the office and passed through the lounge. He found that Xuan Zi was still sitting there, and the figure was so that Xiu Yan glanced slightly. This woman, perseverance is really good. It should SCNA9 it exam be three hours from the offi.ce, and I am still waiting for it. Xuan Zi seems to have discovered Xue Yan s gaze, looking up at Xue Yan, the big eyes of the Shui Ling Ling instantly reddened, with a touch of grievance in his eyes. Xue Yan screamed at the eyebrows and took out the phone and dialed Xue Zheng s phone. After the phone was connected, Xue Yan heard the deafening music sound at that end, and Xue Yanjian s eyebrows were slightly picked. Hey, brother, what s the matter The voice of Xue Zheng came from the phone, accompanied by music, it was blurred. Xue Zheng, you can come to the door of my unit within half an hou

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