s, after all, I am very busy at work, so I can t guard him, I can only let him keep me. I smiled back SCMDBA and said, Jingbo, since the work is over, then let s go first, I will not delay your SUN Certification time. The crew member who silently packed up the things said Inexplicably being Meng The guide plugged a dog s food. Obviously, I wanted to secretly listen to a gossip, but I didn t expect to be stuffed with dog food. Meng s graceful show, they gave a hundred percent, perfect to impeccable. Jingbo looked at the men and women who were close together and smiled and turned away. Cool and cool, Xuancheng pulled into the car, the man s beautiful slender big pal.m pulled the seat belt, buckled for her, the cool chest was slammed by something for a moment, surprised to lift, but saw Xuancheng A look of nothing happened, thinking cool, maybe it was a moment of his own heart, he just accidentally touched it. To fasten her seat belt, Xuancheng is thinking of sitting SCMDBA it exam down, but the thin lips are smeared with a soft, fragrant soft. This woman will provoke him and provoke him all the time. Lifting and looking at the woman s close knit otter, Xuancheng s throat snorted, and the thin lips whispered, and the scent of the mouth was soft and smooth. After a kiss, Xuancheng started the car and we

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-810 Sun Certified MySQL 5.0 Database Administrator Part 1 SUN SCMDBA
310-811 Sun Certified MySQL 5.0 Database Administrator Part II SUN SCMDBA

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