ront of her. When he was condescending, he was cool and lifted, and he saw the man s squat with blue cyan, sexy thin lips, and the raised throat at his neck. This man is really, does not exude his male hormones all the time. Leaning close to her face, then reaching out, using the book in his hand, against the woman s jaw, slightly lifting the woman s face. Still beautiful, porcelain white little face, a pair of water moist as if talking big eyes, pink and full mouth, pretty little nose, a black hair is tied behind, but still have a naughty The blue silk fell down, and at this moment she looked up at him so that Xue Cheng s body was tight. man s low pitched voice rang in the cool ears, and the ears came in IBM System it exam a moment of nu.mbness. IBM System Mmp, the voice of this man, Zhen Nima is nice. The dangerous appearance of the man, let the cool can not help but back. What are you afraid of Magnetic, low, slightly hoarse. However, I heard the man s words, looked up cool, and looked at the man s eyes. The lips were slightly sloppy, and then he said, I m not afraid. She was not afraid of him, although she said so, but only cool. I know that I am actually very embarrassed, this man is in danger, cool if you can, at this moment, must be far from this man. No fear Xue IBM Certification

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
000-076 IBM System x Sales IBM IBM System
000-076-CN System x Sales V5 IBM IBM System
000-076CHINESE System x Sales V5 IBM IBM System
000-SS1 IBM Systems Software Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM System
000-SS2 IBM Systems Software Technical Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM System
000-Z02 IBM System z Solution Editions Technical Mastery Test IBM IBM System

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