n the street, a tall man holds a petite woman on his arm. When the woman sees a fruit stand not far away, he shakes the man s arm and opens his mouth. Husband, let.s buy some fruit in the hospital. This cool and cool child, how do you mean this empty hand Well , listen to you. Luo Wu slowed down the tone. This man and woman are not others, it is Luo Wu and his little wife who has just married. The two men stepped forward to stop at the fruit stand and saw a woman next to them facing him. Luo Wu IBM Storage said The boss, how much is this fruit basket Small fifty eight, medium eighty eight, The big one hundred and eighty eight. The boss wife heard the business and smiled and turned her head. The atmosphere stagnate in an instant, and Luo Wu looked at the boss s familiar and somewhat strange face, a bit embarrassed. Luo Meiting s eyes fell on Luo Wu s body. At the moment, Luo Wu and the small hooligans in the village were different. Now Luo Wu s name is IBM Storage it exam a successful person, and there is a small wife next to him. Husband, do you know Luo Wu s wife sensitively discovered the anomaly, reached out and grabbed Luo Wu s arm, and asked with vigilance. Well, I used to be in the same vi.llage. Luo Wu returned a sentence. Fellow You have to take care of the business, give me the biggest fruit basket, 188 right Luo Wu s wife said that he took the money out of the bag and handed it over. The fruit was bought, and IBM Certification Luo Wu looked at Luo Meiting s lips an

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
000-115 Storage Sales V2 IBM IBM Storage
000-118 Midrange Storage Technical Support V2 IBM IBM Storage
000-119 Enterprise Storage Technical Support V2 IBM IBM Storage

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