he man s footsteps walked toward the room, and as he closed the door, the moment the room faintly came the woman s soft sobs Chapter 482 1 Come and come, everyone is not drunk tonight, and finally get rid of the clutches of the extermination teacher. We can celebrate and celebrate today. That is, I don t know who is so open and even invited. The extermination teacher took part in IBM Cross STG the company s party. Fortunately, she IBM Cross STG it exam didn t come today. If it came, everyone couldn t play enough. It is said that the extermination teacher is not saying that he is coming today, how can he not even see a shadow now In the box of the nightclub, the colorful lights flickered, and there was a strong smell of tobacco and alcohol in the air. Men and women sat in the box, and the crowds danced, and the atmosphere.of the whole box reached the highest point. Everyone heard the name of the extermination teacher, and they immediately joined up. The so called extermination teacher was the director of their office. They IBM Certification looked like a serious face all day, and they wore their clothes from head to toe. Even the neck can not see, the entire old nun, all day except work is work, it is rare that the extermination teacher too has a boyfriend, or a more active man in the marketing department of the company, is not very handsome, is Local people, there ar

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
C4070-SS1 IBM Systems Software Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM Cross STG
C4110-SS2 IBM Systems Software Technical Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM Cross STG

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