king such a long and gentle route, is this ready to change the style and c.hange the hegemony The coolness was stuffed into the carriage, and the man who came in the carriage was reflected reflexively. Oh chuckled, Gu Zhi reached for her hair on her cheeks Don t look at me like this, I can t help it Chapter 240 She is the weak little white flower 12 with The groom drove the car, the carriage slowly drove up, cool and shrunk in the corner, looking at the opposite little girl who looked at himself. The two men are opposite each other. The space inside the carriage is not big. Although Gu Zhi looks quite thin, it is definitely the kind of clothing that is thin and undressed. Cool body is quite petite, IBM Certification a man and a woman in the carriage, the space IBM Certified Associate System Administrator it exam that is not spacious immediately appears to be narrow. Cool sitting in the corner of the carriage, faintly looking at Gu Zhi, the beriberi biting the lower lip, she can clearly smell the breath of the man, elegant, clean. I was watched by the man s eyes. It was cool and the skin was thick and there was some temptation. The cheeks slowly s.mudged under the man s gaze, and the coolness felt that my heartbeat was speeding up. IBM Certified Associate System Administrator Gu Zhi looked at the girl and shivered her cheeks because of her gaze. The smile on Jun s face became more and more brilliant. Don t be afraid, I won t do anything to you. After all, the girl in front of her bod

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
A4040-120 Assessment: ASSOCIATE: IBM i 7 Administration IBM IBM Certified Associate System Administrator
C4040-120 Associate: IBM i 7.1 Administration IBM IBM Certified Associate System Administrator

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