ed his breath. You go slowly, I just arrived, you rush so urgently, what should I do There is no objection to the coolness. She knows that Fuli s family conditions are not very good. Following the life of a single mother, Fuli s mother has no culture. They can t sit on jobs that are too high paying. They can only help others to earn money from small workers, and they have to study for Fu Li. From knowing Fu Li, Fu has always been very economical. Even the place where Fu Li s birthday party went a few days ago is an ordinary small IBM Certified Analyst KTV. Money is also a bonus for Fu Li s participation in the mathematics competition. Liang Liang walked along the road with Fu Li. The delicate little hand IBM Certified Analyst it exam was held in the palm of his hand by Fu Li. In the cool mind, he suddenly remembered the friend in.Fu Likou s mouth and felt that he needed to inquire. Cough. Cool and clear the throat, and said Fu Li, the friend you said on the phone, what friend is it, I know You don t know. Back, one sentence, IBM Certification Fu Li I noticed the suspicious look in the cool eyes, instantly lost my smile, tightened my hand slightly, and clenched her little hand, and said The friend went abroad after graduating from high school. This time, when I came back, I happened to run into the road. I didn t see me, so I called to let me gather in the past. I just thought that I haven t seen each othe

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C2170-051 IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook V8.9 IBM IBM Certified Analyst
CUR-051 IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook V8.9 IBM IBM Certified Analyst

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