and began to come up. The life teacher is a fat aunt, who always likes to have a face, which is particularly ser.ious. Wu Can s side was followed by a white and delicate girl. Three people saw the coolness coming out of the bathroom, and the life teacher cleared his throat and opened his mouth. Cool classmates, stealing money, what is going on, you talk about it. The attitude of the life teacher is unbiased, and there is no question of coolness because of Wu Can s side. The cool image of the life teacher is not bad. He said I don t know. I didn t get up this morning. Wu Can ran over my quilt and said that I stole her money. This is also the case. It s a foggy thing. After all, Wu Can s classmates didn t rely on it, and they said nothing in the vernacular. Shen cool, you said that you did not steal, then I would like to ask you, where is your new mobile phone and computer, it will not be a man to give you Hearing Wu Can, Cool can t help it. Oh, I am tempered. Hey The crisp applause Dassault Systemes Certification sounded, and Wu Can s face had a more palm print. Wrongly looked up and looked cool, Wu Can s eyes immediately reddened, from EXALEAD it exam small to.large, no one had beaten her, EXALEAD this cool cool since hit her, too much Cool and lifted the line of sight on Shangwu, and faintly said Wu Can, the mouth smells more brushing teeth, don t be okay, what is the relationship between me and your money Are you my dad or

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
EXAV51-CLV EXALEAD CloudView Dassault Systemes EXALEAD
EXAV613X-CLV V6 EXALEAD CloudView (V6R2013X) Dassault Systemes EXALEAD

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