y, the cool lips twitched a smile, and then walked towards the opposite side. Come over The CWNA goddess also likes to string, really grounded. The boys were so nervous that they could hold their breath. The boys were even more ignorant until the cool stop in front of them. Who are you Yang CWNP Certification Yong The soft voice rang. When Yang Yonghu was shocked, he recognized the voice in an instant. Isn t that the lady goddess CWNA it exam in the phone just now I am I, Miss Sister. Hello. After opening to Yang Yong, he smiled and said to the other boys Hello. Well, Miss Sister. good They all answered, asked.a few cool, bent down, leaning on Jin was going to go to the Pro car, we have been stopped, and then cool stood aside and watched several boys seven hand Eight feet will be on the verge of getting into the car. Sit in the car, cool through the window, smile Trouble you, thank you. Until the car can not see, then everyone looked at each other, face each other. Lying in the trough, on the verge of this kid, too shameless, such a beautiful young lady is hidden from view. However, looking at the attitude of Miss Sister just now, I am really on my heart, I

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CWNA-106 Certified Wireless Network Administrator CWNP CWNA

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