casually, she was married Isaca Certification to him. Is it too unsatisfactory to perform Dong Xiaolu groaned in his arms. Bai Jingyan Just about to speak, Bai Jingyan frowned and asked Also called Bai Jingyan She licked her mouth and immediately changed her mouth, red face, soft He called him, Jing Yan. Because my grandparents are eager to get married, then I will be married, and my age is up to the age of marriage. CISM it exam Dong Xiaolu has a little head, I will listen to you. Bai Jingyan I was preparing to take off the clothes of Dong Xiaolu, and when I took the little guy to take a bath together, the phone rang out unconsciously. He did not intend to pick up and continue to do his own thing. Xiaolu glared at the big eyes, and the small hand refused to touch his chest. The phone rang Don t worry about it. What if there is something important Bai Jingyan did not seem to show the electricity, directly grabbed it. The phone is connected to the phone. You CISM better have something Jing Yan, I am acting, I am at the door of your clinic Bai Jingyan sneaked, quickly got up, sinking his face, I am going to pass. Dong Xiaolu sees Bai Jingyan s face suddenly cold Going down, worried What happened, what happened Bai Jingyan frowned as he wore clothes A friend s wife, the heart is not good, now I have to go to the clinic to see. I want to accompany you. Going together Bai Jingyan bowed her head and kissed her forehead. No, d

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