gmu barely squeezed a smile and said Hello. Auntie, hello. Zhuo Dong paused for a moment, closed his eyes, and opened his eyes. I am Jiang Li s boyfriend, my name is Zhuo Dong. Son s boyfriend Automatically sent to the door, Jiang mother calmly said Come in and talk. Zhuo Dong followed the door and closed the door, and found that the Jiang family s eyes fell on themselves, Zhuo Dong was very nervous. After all, this is the future father in law of the father in law. If you accidentally provoke it, then the wife will be gone. You come to my h.ouse, what s CCSE it exam the matter Jiang mother sat on the side of Jiang s father and asked. Uncle and aunt, I really like Jiang Li, I will be responsible for him. You don t want to be angry with Jiang Li. If you are really uncomfortable, then you will beat me Hit you, We have old arms and old legs, where can I beat you Jiang father snorted. I don t want to fight back. Really Jiangmu was suspicious. Really. For the wife, playing a meal, he is not afraid of pain Stretched a lot of fists, Jiangmu smashed the old legs and legs that were sore because of the adults, and CCSE opened to the side of the river father Hey, old, old, this move, the body feels sore CheckPoint Certification It is. Jiang s father stepped forward and distressedly shouldered the shoulders

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
156-315.13 Check Point Certified Security Expert CheckPoint CCSE
156-315.70 Check Point Certified Security Expert R70 CheckPoint CCSE
156-315.75 Check Point Security Expert R75 CheckPoint CCSE
156-915.70 CCSE-R70-Upgrade CheckPoint CCSE
156-915.76 Check Point Certified Security Expert Update Blade CheckPoint CCSE

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