Dongfu to make trouble. I will kill you one by one a.nd sacrifice my artifacts After the words , the boss raised his golden axe in his hand and turned toward him. The players who launched the attack squatted. The players saw the boss start to anger and shunned. Only the woman in the warmth of Tsing Yi stood proudly in the middle of the field, watching the giant axe squatting toward her side. The trough, Tsing Yi, flashing open, this boss is not a vegetarian The boss boss boss man sat at the desk and looked at the words on the computer screen, the thin lips were slightly stunned, and then a low magnetic laughter sounded inside the room. A male CCSA R77 it exam big palm stretched toward the cup next to the computer. The hand with a white hand and a well defined hand held the cup, picked it up, and licked it with his thin, thin lips. The lip angle still maintains a rising trend, fully showing the man s good mood. The trough A sigh CCSA R77 of arrogance accompanied by the sound of the heavy objects, a group of raised foreign objects were wrapped in the quilt, lying on the floor bes.ide the bed and rolling for a moment, then revealed a A small, furry head, a small face with a puff, still has CheckPoint Certification traces of being pressed and printed when sleeping, and half a squatting gimmick for a few seconds. Raised her hand and grabbed her fluffy hair casually, then hugged the quilt next to her and decided to continue to sleep, just closed her eye

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156-215.77 Check Point Certified Security Administrator CheckPoint CCSA R77

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