opened his mouth. Xue Jing heard the cool words, a footstep, a cold look at the side, silence for a moment before opening back I know that you are not satisfied with me, you can rest assured, I will talk to Shu Chang, I am worthy On you. Hmm Is she this, was she abandoned In addition, the marriage between me and Wang Xin is also set by the family. I didn t know it beforehand. Xue Jing explained, looking at the cool white face, and then thinking that this is not white. Black charcoal face, some of them did not taste back. Even Cisco Certification if she knew she couldn t match her, Xue Jing had to admit that he was heart felt when he saw CCIE Security the first sight of the woman. Who said that I disagreed, you don t have to say it, I went back to my dad and said, let s take a look at it first, OK, I will send it here, you can go back. Drop this sentence, cool and no longer care about Xue Jin.g, turned and went home the way. Chapter 65 The full spirited army 3 Hey, don t go, something is going on After the disbandment, a group of soldiers went in the direction of the canteen of the army. Xue Jing was CCIE Security it exam no exception. However, when he had just lifted his foot, he was caught by one arm and he was hooked back. Several men surrounded the group. Jing, a face of awkwardly pulling Xue Jing to hide in the corner next to him. What happened, something said, after the cafeteria was closed, everyone had to be hungry. Xue Jing blackened his face and opened his mouth. The canteen is time l

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