struction. They came directly to the front door of Xuanjia and reached for the doorbell. After a few minutes, a footstep sounded, and the door of the Xuan family opened. Xuan Zi saw the coolness standing outside the door, and instantly the pupils shrank. Reflectively, I felt that the cool ones were not good, and the backhands wanted to close the door. Cooling and lifting the foot, kicking hard on the door, making a sound, Xuan Zi also stepped back a few steps because of the cool kicking action, fell to the ground, his hands were worn by.the floor, a Axis pain came from the palm of his hand. Xuan Zi immediately stood up and squeezed a smile, and said Miss Xu, you are too rude. Oh, you are polite, your courtesy is to enjoy the things that belong to others, but still think about how to harm people, this is your courtesy Cool and taunted. Yes, this is not the paternity test of the cool and Xuanjia couple, but the paternity test of Xuan Zi Axis it exam and Xuanjia couple. Miss Xu, what do you say, I don t quite understand. Sure enough, it is a mother and daughter, one can t understand one, don t understand, you can t understand, can you understand Saying, the cool directly put the parent child identification in his hand on the face of Xuan Zi On Axis Certification the paper, the paper falls and falls to the ground. There was a pain in his face, and Xuan Zi s face was completely iron, and the pair of cozy eyes were straight and cold. The Xuanmu in the room heard the movement,

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