o can not find opportunities Lifting, faintly squinting Axis Certification Fang Xuan, said Marriage does not have to be closed. Said, cool from the hand to take the ring and throw it on Fang Xuan s chest, the ring Axis Certified Professional hit Fang Xuan s chest Then he landed on the ground, making a crisp sound, and glanced at the ring on the ground. This continued to speak Fang Xuan, the ring is still you, you also give me 100,000 pieces Axis Certified Professional it exam of decoration costs, remember to play in My account. Cool, no need to make this happen, we talk Cool and raised his hand to interrupt Fang Xuan s words, said No need to talk, this thing has not been discussed, for others to use off man, I did not pick up the habit to use, it is so, remember to hit the money on my account, finally, to say something is good fo.r you I wish you, fine do and death of people cool finished speaking Then he turned and walked toward the elevator, and then saw a few young men standing at the door of the elevator, a smile on his cool face, glanced at several men, and finally his eyes fell on one of the men. It is not so much a man as a boy, a boy has a clean temperament, and his eyes are very beautiful. The whole person is like a Prince Charming who came out of the comics. The whole person looks full of fresh taste. The boy has a broken hair, the hair is slightly natural,

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AX0-100 Axis Network Video Exam Axis Axis Certified Professional

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