forward. Going upstairs in the box. The man in the box was sitting on the sofa. There were several women standing in the empty space. They were wearing exposed clothes, holding a microphone in their hands, and singing soft voices in the mouth, so that the men present felt that the bones were crisp. When he came outside the box door, Yang Han reached out and opened the door. He walked in and walked in. The line of sight swept over several women. He didn VCP-NV it exam t look at it at all, and then his eyes fell on Zeng Chuan on the sofa. Seeing that Yang Han was finally late, Zeng Chuan pulled the suit on his body and stood up to Yang Han s side. He put his hand on Yang Han s shoulder and said Hey, wait for a long time, You can count VCP-NV it, how long have you been together with a few broth.ers, I can prepare the wine, you can t escape after the meeting A faintly lifted Zeng Chuan s hand, Yang Han thin lips slightly open, said Yes. After sitting down, Zeng Chuan made a look at a woman, the woman instantly met, got up and came to Yang Han s side and sat down, the woman s face raised a smile, side Yang Han, who looked to the side, said with a sigh of relief Big brother, let me chat with you. Yang Han looked up, looking at the woman on the side of the body, smelling a strong perfume in the nose, the sword eyebrows slightly, the finger to the position of Zeng Chuan side, Shen The voice said No, you sit there. Zeng Chuan heard Yang Han s words, VMware Certification smiled and said Big brother, you have more hea

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VCPN610 VMware Certified Professional - Network Virtualization VMware VCP-NV

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