yan s frightened appearance, waved his hand and said faintly You should retire first. There is Xiao Cui waiting on the line. Mi.ss, slaves are wrong, slaves I opened my mouth uncomfortably and watched the coolness carefully. At this moment, I couldn t understand what the lady meant. You retire. Cool did not explain, Waving his hand and indicating that Rong left. Rong Er looked badly at Xiao Cui, and saw Xiao Cui VMware Certification didn t help himself to talk. Rong Er was not willing to retreat. During this time, Rong Er spent more time with Xiao Cui than Xiao Cui. Most of them went out with Rong Er. There were people secretly talking about it in the private house. I felt that Rong Er became a VCP-Cloud red lady. People, it is estimated that Xiao Cui will fall out of favor. Therefore, during this time, Rong Er s head in the government also had a lot of people, and he met with the coolness to let himself back. Rong s thought was that Xiao Cui reprimanded himself, and he was indignant. Not long after Rong s departure, Xu Shangshu and Mrs. Xu came over. As soon as I entered the yard, I saw the cool lazy lying on the soft palate. The old man snorted and shout.ed This time, how can you still lie down If you have nothing to do on weekdays, you can write and read some VCP-Cloud it exam books. Really feel bored, you can embroider embroidery, don t do nothing all day, yo

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VCPC550 VMware Certified Professional -Cloud VMware VCP-Cloud

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