cern, close to SCJD it exam the man lying on the ground. Whering As the man s chest swelled together, he gasped. Cool look at the man s face SUN Certification with water drops, his thin hair is wet, even the chest red and bare skin with water marks, cool eyes down. The man is wearing a boxer, so he is lying on the ground, somewhere, very awkward. Cough, cool and guilty to remove the line of sight. Spicy eyes, spicy eyes Looking at the man still lying on the floor, the cool is a little worried. Hey, are you okay He raised his hand and waved in front of the man. This will not be scared, this is indeed a world of three view, ghosts, and most.people will be afraid. Zhong Xiuyang gasped for a while, only to relieve his breath, arms and arms, to sit up, half of the action, Zhong Xiuyue body stiff. He seemed to feel that there was a soft touch on his lips. Cool eyes and big eyes seem to be forced by the man s sudden movements. The lips seem to still have the heat on the man s lips, which is hot. Covering the lips, cool body and leaning back , squatting at the man, screaming and screaming Rogue, shameless Cool did not notice, Zhong Xiuyue s ears moved, and SCJD the twilight stunned, looking up to the cool place. direction. Who are you Listen can you hear When

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-252A Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Downloadable Project (Step 1 of 2) SUN SCJD
310-252R Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Downloadable Project for Resubmission SUN SCJD

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