eartbroken, SCDJWS crying and asking him, if she and the child also jumped together, is he will be happier After that day, Lu Lixing imprisoned the pregnant child in the villa, but Tong Xia wanted to jump out and finally escaped from the villa at a certain opportunity. When she learned that she had no news of her bones, Lu Li thought that she would never see her again in this life. But a year later, she reappeared in front of him, still so scratching her heart, how could he still be willing to let go of her Ye Xi was struggling in his arms. Two Lord, what are you thinking about You let me go, the egg is going to be fried. Lu Lixing said this, he licked his thin lips, but still She is holding her, her chin is pressed against her neck, and her voice is low Children, we want a child, huh Her hand, a slight glimpse, silenced for a long while, biting her lips Two Lord, you How do you suddenly think of SCDJWS it exam a child.Before Before, SUN Certification we didn t say it, don t you Don t want the child of Erye Ye Xi s heart has the burden of dark organization. She is not a child who doesn t want to go to Li, but she doesn t know how to end up with Lu Lixing if she really has a child. Destined, they are opponents. From the beginning, she was close to him and she had no purpose. She smiled sweetly, and some shyly leaned in his arms. I don t know how to take care of the little baby. Lu

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-220 Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services SUN SCDJWS
310-230 Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services (SCDJWS) SUN SCDJWS
310-231 Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 5 SUN SCDJWS

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