light. Cool and stand straight, just stepping on, I feel that my hand is wrapped in a warm palm, cool down and stop, looking at the hand that I have been held by a man. PMP The man s fingers are long and white, with distinct bones. Perceived the cool sight, Xue Yan also stopped, his eyes fell on the cool face, and asked.What Cool look at the man s Zhang Jun face for a moment, then replied Nothing. Everything is in the air, um, he and she are boyfriends and friends, holding hands nothing can t. Xue Yan took the cool and went to the third floor restaurant. The dining environment is elegant. From the perspective of so many guests, the business here is still very good. The waiters came up and led them to cool down to the location. When ordering food, cool and deliberately asked Xue Yan, Xue Yan let the cool and full power to make the Lord, which makes a cool touch in the cool heart. I know that Xue Yan does not eat spicy, cool and specially selected a few light dishes. In the corner of the restaurant, Xu Wei and Xu mother sat in the position and PMP it exam kept looking in the direction of the coolness. The waiter next to the PMI Certification menu handed the menu to Xu s side, and smiled and reminded Hello, can I have two main meals When I heard the waiter s words, Xu s mother picked up the menu and took a look at it. The price, couldn t help

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