ng in the trough, this is too exciting Fu Shuzhen feels that NCMA it exam the body is hot and is on fire. If it is tolerant, he will not ask questions in the future. Fu Shuzhen, I am uncomfortable, you help me. Fu Shuzhen reluctantly looked up and looked at the woman who was under his body, dumb and voiced Close the cool, you are sure. OK. What is the cost, the beautiful man eats his mouth is his own. Off cool, who am I Fu Shuzhen, you are Fu Shuzhen. Enough, no need to continue to endure, Fu Shuyan leaned over, thin lips sticked to the pink delicate next day, cool eyes open, you will see a handsome face close to the skin, the skin pores can not see.It s embarrassing that a man s life NCMA looks so good. The sun outside the window came in, and the cool lift raised the arm. This subtle NCMA Certification movement immediately awakened the sleeping man on the side. Fu Shukai opened his eyes and bowed his head. The deep black scorpion instantly swelled on the cool red eyes. Early. The cool opening greeted. Because last night, the cool throat was slightly painful, and the squeaky voice was slightly hoarse. Early. Fu Shuzheng returned a sentence, his eyes fixed on the cool, seemingly waiting for her to say something. I will be responsible. Cool is a little guilty to be seen by men, after all, last night is to eat people. Fu book truss heard cool, then his face instantly dark, raised his hand, warm large

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CPCM Certified Professional Contracts Manager(CPCM) NCMA Certified Professional Contracts Manager

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