, Xu family suddenly seemed to be quiet, not only did Xu Wei have no movement, but even Xu Mu did not sound, this is not normal. The phone in the cool bag rang. Say Cao Cao, NACVA Certification Cao Cao is here, and sure enough, I can t recite it. Cool and pick NACVA Certification up the phone, it is connectedHey, cool, Mom has something to look for, are you free now The voice of Xu Mu was heard in the phone. No time, I am very busy recently, if you are ok, I will hang up replied NACVA Certification it exam coolly. Cool, Mom is really something, it s about you, it s very important to you. The mother on the phone heard the cool and hangs up, and her heart rushed. The action of the cool hanging phone stopped, and a little smile was made with a funny smile. He said, What about me In fact, if you come back, I will tell you something. Is this matter, how can I tell her so easily This is very strange, cool and suspicious. Here, after Xu hangs up the phone, she looks at the woman opposite, looking at the woman s face, and her mother s eyes flashed a touch of thoughts. This is my own daughter. Although I have

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AVA Accredited Valuation Analyst - AVA NACVA NACVA Certification
CVA Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) NACVA NACVA Certification

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