The opposite of the two people also found Xue Cheng and cool, the eyes are full of mistakes, the two moved down the line, falling in the hands of Xue Cheng and cool cool hands, one lost, one thoughtful. Two uncles. Fang Tingyi and Xue Ci said at the same time. Xue Cheng faintly glanced at the two people and responded. The atmosphere became strange, and Xue Xue s line of sight fell on the cool body. This movement made Xue Cheng see it, and it was very uncomfortable. Pulling the coolness on his side, Xue Cheng greeted Xue s line of sight and said How are y.ou here We came here to inspect the store, and went out to distract the heart. Fang Tingyi said with a smile. After that, after a while, he glanced at the cool face. I noticed Fang Tingyi s sight, and the cool eyes turned darkly in my heart. They went out to distract themselves and had a relationship with her. Secretly watching what she does, she will not want to deal with her. Speaking of it, half a year ago, the coolness did not care about it. Now, if Fang Tingyi dares to provoke her, the coolness will not be polite. Uncle, you and Miss Feng, this is Fang Mile2-Security Tingyi wants to stop. When the old lady should send the phoenix cool to Xuecheng House, the phoenix would run away every other day. Fang Tingyi still remembers that Xuecheng went to Xuezhai that day and Mile2-Security it exam heard the phoenix cool run. How ugly the face Mile2-Security Certification was, and it was a murderous body. Now, Fang Tingyi thinks of Xuecheng a

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
ML0-320 certified penetration testing professional Mile2-Security CNSA
MK0-201 CPTS - Certified Pen Testing Specialist Mile2-Security Mile2-Security-Certification

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