ticed that the eyes of the seal fell on myself. The girl s cheeks had a blush. After a moment of silence, she explained That, this is my class to remember notes. I heard that you recently wanted to study hard, so this note borrows you. Look. I thought about this, but the last time I said it was cool. I was given the top 30 in the whole year. She gave him a gift. When she thought of it, she didn t refuse it. She said Thank you, I finished reading you. Zhang Cheng looked at the sweet and shy expression, and immediately noticed the abnormality. When he got up and walked out of the classroom with a girl, Zhang Cheng said that he was joking Hey, I also don t score. Ok, how can anyone give me a note Sealed Zhang Cheng, put the notes in his hand aside, and said When I Microsoft Partner Competency it exam finished watching you, I borrowed you. Zhang Cheng turned his eyes and said I don t mean this. Ah, I just want to, let s spend it. Is this interesting to you, otherw.ise how can I suddenly take notes to you Don t talk about it, I have a family. Feng Shuo directly returned. It s impossible to think about it. Microsoft Certification Feng Yi thinks that there is no intersection with the girl just now, and he doesn t even know what the girl s name is. He just had a girlfriend, but this can t be said indiscriminately. If he is misunderstood by his family, then he has to swear. Zhang Cheng listened to the words of Feng Yi for a moment, then rushed over and Microsoft Partner Competency stared at the seal with a look of sorrow. He asked I am going, wha

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
74-131 Designing a MS Office Enterprise Proj.Mgmt.EPM Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-132 Designing Portal Solutions with MS SharePoint Products Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-133 Customizing Portal Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-134 Pre-Installing MS Products using the OEM Pre-Install Kit Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-135 Developing E-Business Solutions Using MS BizTalk Server2004 Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-137 Developing MS Off Using XML Prof Enterp Ed 2003 Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-138 Plan and Build a Msg and Collab Envir Usin MS Off Sys and Win Serv Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
74-139 Deploying Business Desktops with MS Wind Serv and Off 2003 Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency
MB4-198 Retail Management system Microsoft Microsoft Partner Competency

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