g so many things, MCDBA naturally knows Microsoft Certification that Rongcheng ink can t be pulled back, and th.e feelings of Xiao Wei can t be recovered. In my heart, I know Rongcheng ink. From the moment I saw Xiao Xiao, I compromised in my heart and acknowledged the existence of Xiao Wei. Song Shu name of rounders said Well, the city finally ink a trip back home, and today we are together, it is not very easy to eat well, right, talk to you about it later atmosphere, It gradually eased down. Song Shu opened the topic and asked Rong Chengmo Cheng Mo, how can you not see you bring Xiao Wei back to eat Rong Chengmo did not answer, the old man snorted, I don t know the number of gifts at all, since I marry You, a MCDBA it exam person who ran to London and waited for something to do Li Qingrong sarcastically said This gimmick, will not run for another ten years City ink, not what I said about you, when you did not That Xiao Wei is married, and at most she is a girlfriend. She hasn t had anything for so many years, but now she is your wife. If she is not as sensible as before, how many years have passed, you can afford this. F.ace, Rongjia can t afford this face Rongcheng ink is calm, and the voice is not too slow As long as you are not i

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070-447 UPGRADE:MCDBA Skills to MCITP DB Admin by Using MS SQL 2005 Microsoft MCDBA

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