ed the small group in the position. Cool off and get off the bus, then see the man holding his son, had to go to the trunk of the car to take the luggage. The man walked in front of the baby, the woman dressed in a dress carrying two big suitcases to follow, even at night, this strange picture can not help but look a little more. Su Zhihui completely ignored the sight of others, and did not feel that there was anything wrong with the woman s luggage. Compared to the escape of the year, Su Zhihui felt that such ICSA a small lesson was nothing at all. Small dumpling nest in a man s arms, looked back with her mother in the back of his head, goes to the white little face against the Soviet emblem, opening. Small great uncle, my mother tired small dumpling It The meaning of the se.ntence is man, should help his mother to do things. As a result, the focus of Su Zhihui is different from TruSecure Certification that of the small group. Cool and cool, said with a look of relief, did not hurt this son, the ear of the man heard the man s low magnetic voice. Not a little uncle, is a dad Cool emmm, so rudely announced the relationship, really no problem Chapter 394 Overlord hard bow 14 Very good, things ICSA it exam moved in, then the next question is

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TU0-001 TruSecure ICSA Certified Security Associate TruSecure ICSA

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