couldn t sit still, and a scorpion came out. The bald man s eyes are slightly stunned, looking to the left mother, the left mother is stunned in an instant, and he closes his mouth and does not speak After a group of people received the money and left the left house, the left family and the couple looked at the cool sight immediately, and the diligent appearance made the cool bones stunned. Cool, you really earn money 150,000, you don t bargain, just give it, are you stupid The left mother thought of the.150,000 that she had just given, and it instantly hurts. Cool and faintly glanced at the mother, and said When you buy food, you can bargain, then why did you not want to bargain when you borrowed money OK, I will not care IBM Integration Developer it exam about this matter, you still Think about what to do in the future, the store at home is gone, the money is gone, parents, you have a baby son, don t wait for two years, Zuo Lianghua goes to college, you guysEven if the tuition fees are not available, then you can IBM Certification be embarrassed You are dead, you are not rich, are you not Lianghua s sister Let s cool up and look at the mother. The mother s mean is to let her pay. Why is it a joke When she was in college, she didn t have a penny at home. Zuo Lianghua can also take part time jobs. IBM Integration Developer What is the summer vacation It is also possible to pay for tuition. Without the sister, I will find a way. Zuo Lianghua, who had been silent, said that he turned and went back to the room. Then the door slammed s

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C9510-526 IBM Application Integration Middleware L1 Support Application Development IBM IBM Integration Developer

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