Hui felt that this Lange was really unpleasant. During this time, he came here from three to five times. In the name of caring for him, he asked for help. In fact, he didn t need to be okay at all He is a big man, and he can t think of suicide. Even if the coolness disappears, he doesn t want to die. He is not alone, he has parents and relatives. It s easy to say that it s easy to say, to do it, to worry so much, t.o think too much, to hesitate Google Certification to die. Lange saw the Soviet Union, revealing a touch of smile, did not find the impatience on the face of Su Hui, and said Su Hui, I will come to see you, just bring some Google it exam soup, how can you taste my craft No, it is not convenient. Su Hui said, he is about to close the door. When Lange saw it, he quickly slammed the door and said Since it is not convenient, then you can take the soup. Su Hui suddenly had an insulated bucket in his hand, and then he saw Lange turning away from the back and glanced at it. In the hands of the insulated barrel, Su Hui Emei, Google carrying the insulation barrel into the house, ready to return the insulation barrel to Lange next time. When I entered the house, I saw the cool look of the cool, and the Soviet Union did not know why, the inexplicable dim sum, the eyes flashed. Stepping over and putting the cooler on the coffee table next to it. Yanfu is not shallow, this soup, or drink it hot. The cool sour taste in the

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