ting to bloom. The green fingers of the orchids stretch, and the air is filled with a floral fragrance accompanied by a touch of earthy smell. Jiang Jin took the cool and sat down on the chair on one side, and his eyes fell on the cool body. The burning sight seemed to be as cool as the whole. I ECDL Certification just made a trick. What happened in the end Jiang Jin remembered that his father played a very good game. Even if the cool chess is more powerful, he couldn t be so cool. So, what happened in the end, Jiang Jin is still a look ECDL certification it exam of sorrow. Things are like this Explain a little, and a cool blush on the cool cheeks said I felt that your dad was in love, ECDL certification I was not careful I won six sets in a row. Very good, you It is also a personality person. I later thought that the old win was not very good. I thought about it. Let s have another set., but your dad can t stop, just sit in the corner and smoke. The old man was wronged, and she was dumbfounded. Jiang Jin touched his nose and some couldn t help but laugh. After losing six sets in a row, I will continue with you Isn t that self inflicted How much is the psychological shadow area of his father Chapter 129, sorry, I married your uncle 10 At noon, cool and stay in Jiangjia to eat, Jiang s face has now eased. The table was full of dishes, and I sat down on the side of Jiang Jin, and quietly glanced a

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ECDL-ICDL-EXAM ECDL/ICDl Essentials and ECDL Extra ECDL ECDL certification

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