his hand. The boys are the class committee, Qi Wei. Qi Wei walked into the classroom, walked to the podium, looked at the classmates under the stage, raised his hand and patted the palm of his hand. The crisp applause immediately attracted everyone s attention, and everyone s eyes turned to Qi Wei on the podium. Coughing cough Qi Weiqing cleared the throat and said Students, I just received the news, the school wants to hold CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician it exam a school sports meeting, and when we have to participate in the project, everyone can now register with me. Games, The students are lacking in interest. For this kind of physical activity , the girls are almost not interested, that is, the boys are not very interested, but for the honor of the class, participation CompTIA Certification in the activities is still necessary. Qi Wei saw that everyone was not very interested, and the brain flashed agilely. He CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician said So, the students who participated in the project can let the classmates.in the class do the cheering team. I heard that the seniors of the banquet will also participate. There are also a lot of beautiful school sisters who will also participate. As soon as I heard the name

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