, will not Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam be able to play a crying two troubles. Before the exchange, they also had many conflicts. Many.times, Ye Runan feels that he is too much. He is doing something wrong himself. However, every time he wants to apologize, Meng Qi will always take the lead. Over time, the unconscious has formed an unwritten impression, Meng Qi, will not be angry However, Ye Runan has forgotten that Meng Qi is also a human being, and also a person with flesh and blood and affection. She will laugh, naturally she will cry she will be happy, naturally she will be sad When she is in a bad mood, she will also have a time to lose her Cisco Certification temper, but these, Ye Runan never knows Meng Qi in front of him, always with a clean smile, mature and steady, Cisco Business Value Specialist knowing the book In front of her, he can reveal his emotions without reservation, and can show her all the unhappiness to her However, Meng Qi, it seems that he has never told him about his unhappy things Meng Qi, I don t mean that He can t deny that his subconscious mind is so thinking. However, he is not intentional Meng Qi smiled softly, that smile, as always, gentle and quiet, Lian.g Nan, I think it may be that I did n

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