ained hard, not paying attention to the bunch of roses that had begun to do parabolic activities, flying in her direction. Wow The bouquet fell to the ground. Everyone turned back and looked at the lucky one. I saw my child sitting in my position, and the bright rose just fell in her arms. Lucky There is a single girl in the crowd who is envious. Yeah, I also want to find my happiness soon God bless you will be happy Everyone is quiet, please sit down Let us look at this lucky one the priest shouted. In the cheers and applause of everyone, but slowly stood up, she always looked down and did not dare to look at the pastor. Coco It s you Mrs. Adobe Certification Fang smiled gracefully. She CS5 it exam walked gracefully and introduced to everyone. This beautiful CS5 Miss Coco is my daughter s wedding desi.gner and a famous designer in Los Angeles. If you need it, you can contact her After that, I looked at her meaningfully. I can be humble and nodded, thank you. Mrs. Fang s advertisement is really brilliant In this way, it is a human owe to her Thank you Mrs. Fang Su Keer exclaimed. Mrs. Fang looked at her and looked at her. Hey, do you know He took back his surprise and recovered his face with a shyness. He said, Yes, we are deceased I am The teacher who is away from the teacher I don t want to talk about the relationship that i

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