d I am so lonely, do you want to laugh at me The trough, suffering from 10,000 points Is it wrong to be single On the verge of this kid is just taking off the list, not a word to say, this CIW Internet Business Associate it exam is the same root, why is it too urgent On the verge, you say so, not kind Yang Yong spit out, saying that he still took the pen and threw it on the verge, but was caught on the verge. Just when the two slapstick, the classroom door again there was a man, Jiang Li Yong saw standing in front of the classroom, towards Jin Pro wink, opening quips What are you, what ah do not want to Looking at your girlfriend, what is your mind Looking at Yang Yong s skeptical sight, he was on the verge of a direct slap on Yang Yong s head and said Don t think about it, I m honest. You are honest, but CIW Internet Business Associate you re a bi.t like CIW Certification a rotten peach. How much Yang Yong returned. Okay, anyway, my line is right, sitting straight, I am not afraid of people to say. The words are beautiful, but there is still some bottomless in my heart. After all, this thing has reached the cool

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1D0-61A CIW Internet Business Associate CIW CIW Internet Business Associate
1D0-61B CIW Site Development Associate CIW CIW Internet Business Associate
1D0-61C CIW Network Technology Associate CIW CIW Internet Business Associate

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