s no woman s figure, the line of sight quickly swept through the room, still did not see a familiar figure. Lu Yan s bottom was covered with a loss. He lifted his hand and grabbed the messy CCP-N hair from the top of his head. He stood up from the bed and stepped on the floor with his bare feet. From the cupboard, I took a big red guilty trousers CCP-N it exam with a large bag of Saobao. I walked out of the room with my long legs. When I walked to the Citrix Certification living room, I found that it was still a cold room. Lu Yan felt uncomfortable. This woman is afraid that she will n.ot run if she eats. Do you want to be irresponsible Turning around is going to go upstairs to get the phone to find the timid woman to settle accounts, the line of sight inadvertently fell on the table in the living room. The handsome face turned instantly, and the yin turned fine, and a dazzling smile appeared. A bowl of hangover tea, a porcelain paper bowl pressed down a piece of paper. Cough, count this woman has a little conscience, pick up the paper, when

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Y0-350 Citrix NetScaler 10 Essentials and Networking Citrix CCP-N
1Y0-351 Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials for Networking Citrix CCP-N

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