front of a cave in Houshan. At the same time, the men in the cave also noticed a few people outside the cave. Their faces sank and stood up and went out. A tall figure slowly came out of the cave, and Zhong Xiu Yue looked at the man who came out and CCIA looked awkward. This man is the big drug lord who Zhong Xiu Yue Zhong Xiu Yue, their sugar is going back to the army for a report. Zhong Xiuyue wants to let him go back to the army with coolness, while the cool cool has no conscience to leave a black faced Zhong Xiuyue, and he went home. After going out for a few days, I returned to my home with coolness. First of all, I slept fully. When I woke up in the cool, it was already the next morning. The warm sunshine came in from the window and suddenly knocked on the door. Cool and get up from the bed, look at the familiar furnishings around, cool and raise your hand to grab a slightly messy hair, go straight out of bed, bare naked feet and tweezers on the cold floor, bypass the living room, open The door. At the moment when the door CCIA it exam opened, Zhong Xiuyue s slender figure appeared in front of the coolness. It was still a military green uniform. This man is very suitable for military uniforms. He wears a military uniform on him and has Citrix Certification a charm of uniform. Cool and looking up, the slightly curled hair makes her look a l.ittle cute. The woman s sleek eyes looked at herself, and Zhong Xiuyue swayed in her heart, and there was a low, hoarse laughter in her throat

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Y0-222 CCIA MetaFrame Presentation Server with Feature Release 3 Citrix CCIA
1Y0-610 CCIA Core Technologies and Architectures Citrix CCIA
1Y0-611 CCIA Design, Integration and Methodology Citrix CCIA

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