de. Do you think I will be so stupid, and I was cheated by your explanation in a few words Since I abandoned you two years ago, Why are you lie to me, you are not afraid that I will hate you Will you retaliate against you Jomer struggled, but there was no way to pull his wrist out of his EXIN Certification palm. She was a little panicked, a little anxious, leaning up to the small Face, suddenly red eyes stared at him ridiculously You will think so, because you have never loved anyone. Xiao Yan, we have not gone back, you and Song Xiazhi have children, and Iit will soon be married. There is no point in entanglement in the past. Xiao Yan smashed, and quickly flashed a dark color, Do you really want to get married Yes, I am BiSL it exam getting married. I Listening to Jinglu told me that you lost two children because of me. Jomer s eyes were redder and sneered What else do you want to know Xiao Yan, BiSL please stop salting my wounds. I want to know why you return Haicheng Male Suddenly raise his voice, growled, his breathing slightly short, dull eyes staring at her. Jomo is also staring at him. Why did she return to Still not because of him She smiled tearfully, I return

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BIMF EXIN Business Information Management Foundation with reference to BISL EXIN BiSL

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