e are already a few pairs of young and young people waiting in the hall. Fu Shuzhen took Aruba Certified Mobility Professional the cool and came to the marriage registration office. Photographed, stamped, and two red marriage certificates were freshly released. Fu Shuzhen directly reached out and took the marriage certificate, put it into the lining Aruba Certified Mobility Professional it exam pocket of the suit, lifted it, looked at the cool expression of the cold, a handsome smile on his handsome face, and said I will keep it. Let s go, take you home to see my parents. There is no such thing as a book. At the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, two pairs of men and women met at a distance. Cool standing on the side of Fu Shuzheng, watching the pair of men and women who came in, thinking about what happened last night, the eyes flashed a fierce. This is, want to get married Suddenly Aruba Certification remembered the f.oot of last night, I used to know how much cool and cool I know, and I don t know what Lu Hao s stuff is. Lu Hao and Jiang Qian saw Fu Shuzhen and Guan Liangliang who went out, and their faces became instantly ugly. Two pairs of men and women passed by, but this time, even the polite chills are gone. Cool and stunned Lu Yu and Jiang Qian, and the corner of his mo

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